It’s our incredible staff that are the heart of our organization. Each member of our team is committed to serving and desires to see holistic change in our users. Our professional pilots and mechanics spend nearly 10 years preparing for this challenging role through intense schooling and specialized training. This preparation to serve in these unique roles comes from a strong heartfelt desire to serve the needs of people living in isolated places.

Yayasan MAF Indonesia currently has over 130 national employees, and through our relationship with MAF-US, 60 expat families serving in Indonesia. We are committed to a transfer of knowledge to our Indonesian technical and administrative staff, we focus on knowledge transfer that is within the scope of the foundation’s expertise and supports its overall objectives.

Flight Operations for 2015

Aceh Kalimantan Papua Total
Medical (KM) 19,201 40,718 16,881 76,800
Community Service (KM) 13,396 323,202 947,550 1,284,148
Passengers 351 17,850 43,497 61,698
Cargo (KG) 1,275 371,073 2,477,269 2,849,617
Hours Flown 158 3,035 5,919  9,112
All Services (KM) 57,306 646,046 1,411,624 2,114,976