Reach People in the Most Isolated Places with the Love of Jesus

You are the key to help and hope for many people living in remote jungles, deserts, and mountains. And when you join MAF as a Flight Crew Member, you’ll support hundreds of churches, missionaries, and organizations to bring the gospel, medical care, education, community development, disaster relief, and more to isolated people.


Now you’re invited to join the Mission Aviation Fellowship team on the Flight Crew! It’s never been easier to reach isolated people and make an everlasting impact right where you are.

Through Flight Crew, followers of Jesus Christ can reach people living in remote places with life-saving help and the truth of the gospel.

As a Flight Crew Member, through your monthly giving, you get to sponsor, follow, and witness the impact of MAF flights around the world. You become a crucial person on the MAF team.

You’ll also help get reliable resources and support to MAF on a consistent basis, meeting needs both forecasted and unexpected. You’ll serve as a crucial person on the MAF team, gaining insider access to the impact of flights around the world.

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Here are examples of the impact your monthly giving can have over an entire year:

$25/month: Transports 120 Bibles


$50/month: Delivers 450 pounds of school supplies


$100/month: Transports 2 Christian workers


$150/month: Delivers 1,800 pounds of food or medicine

I'm joining the Flight Crew with a monthly gift of:

*The above represents cargo or people that MAF typically transports to remote communities.

Go Into All The World

Mark 16:15 records Jesus telling His followers, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” When He spoke these words two millennia ago, no one knew how big “all the world” really was. And now in 2023, our world is known, but there are still pockets of deeply isolated people.

Knowing our world would have severely isolated people even today, Jesus' words exhort us to come out of our comfortable settings and take His gospel to them. It's why you're invited to hop on board! Airplanes are the way we reach these people.

Here, Have a Seat In The Cockpit

Flight Crew Members (monthly givers) help share the love of Jesus where people are hardest to reach, and where many have not heard the gospel.

Flight Crew Members enable MAF to answer the call when every second counts. To fly into remote places when emergencies strike. To deliver hope at someone’s most desperate moment. To save lives.

Flight Crew Members broaden their horizons as they discover how God is moving in far-away places previously unimagined.

Flight Crew,
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See firsthand the amazing impact Flight Crew Members make through a choose-your-own-adventure style experience. Your interactive flight simulation comes to you in the form of a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

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An Unforgettable Experience

As a Flight Crew Member (monthly giver), you’ll share in the experience of MAF pilots as they bring the love of Jesus to isolated people.

In-flight Media

Here’s where you’ll have access to MAF archival videos, plus new videos from the field, and podcast episodes.

In the Cockpit

Find yourself in the co-pilot seat and experience MAF like never before, through cockpit videos and cool 360-degree virtual reality videos.

Impact Stories

You’ll receive meaningful stories about all the incredible things your support is making possible.


Making An Eternal Difference In The World

MAF takes the love of Jesus to isolated people. That means bringing physical relief and sharing the good news of the gospel!

Even after the gospel has first been shared, the work is not done. MAF supports the work of Bible translators, pastors, missionaries, and church leaders who are committed to serving isolated communities for the long-term!

Together with you, we can get them there!

I'm joining the Flight Crew with a monthly gift of:

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