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8 Tips for Surviving Urbana

You might just be coming down from your Red Bull overdose while preparing for finals, but it’s time to stock up again. Staying up late and talking with new friends will require another jolt of caffeine, for sure. But as long as you’re getting ready, here are a few other survival tips for Urbana 12 from veterans of this incredible event.

1. Don’t skip the Roommate Huddles. It’s a great time to debrief and it solidifies what you’ve been learning all day. Plus, it’s good bonding time with new and old friends alike.

2. Wake up early enough so you can pray and journal your thoughts before you begin your day. Ask God to help you focus on the things that He has for you.

3. Don’t be shy about talking with other missionaries. One of the main points of Urbana is to learn about all the opportunities that are out there in missions. This requires you talking to as many people as you can to learn about what’s out there. Make a plan to cover a certain section of the booths each day so you can really spend time listening to what’s available.

4. Bring plenty of warm clothes and dress in layers. St. Louis can get rather chilly this time of year.

5. Try not to get overwhelmed. The massive amount of opportunities can be too much for some people. Pray beforehand that God will direct you to the right conversations and people He wants you to meet.

6. Comfy, practical shoes are in order. Be sure and bring shoes that are comfortable to walk in and can handle possible snowy/icy weather outside.

7. Bring a backpack. Plenty of things will be shoved into your hands as you walk around and some of them you will want to keep. But it’s no fun lugging it around without something to put it in.

8. Take good notes and journal. You might be referring to some of the things you hear for years to come, so come prepared to capture all the great wisdom and insight from those who have walked before you into the mission field.


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