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Diligence in Safety

I know firsthand how the layers of maintenance and checks by technicians, mechanics and pilots lead to a safe environment for flying.

One morning while I was diligently going through my pre-flight inspection, I noticed that the oil dipstick appeared to have an excessive amount of oil on it. Realizing that this level of oil was unusual, I called the chief of maintenance over to inspect it.

Upon draining the oil from the plane, we discovered twice the amount of oil had been poured into the tank in a human error. However, the diligence of our checks and balances led to this being a non-issue. We put the proper amount of oil into the tank and all was well.

Mission Aviation Fellowship Plane MaintenanceAt MAF, we take plane safety very seriously, and the maintenance of our fleet is at the heart of ensuring that safety. If we are diligent to check every facet of our airplanes— and re-check and check again—we will continue to retain the confidence of those who fly with us.

I take this element of MAF’s work so seriously that I meet twice monthly with our flight safety manager to receive a safety update. I am very conscious of the diligence and integrity necessary to maintain the outstanding safety record that results in MAF being the preferred—and in some cases, the only approved—flight carrier for the many organizations we serve around the world.


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