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Finding Christ When Least Expected

As dusk approached in Yolo Sud, a suburb of Kinshasa in western Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cecile*, a “woman of the night” wandered the streets, aimlessly. She couldn’t help but notice a large crowd forming and went to investigate. People were gathering in a field where a large, white screen was set up.

Cecile was drawn to the movie that began to tell the story of Jesus. She learned about his life and ministry, his death and resurrection, and what that could possibly mean to her. On bended knee, she began to weep over her sins. And when the invitation was given, she stood up to receive Jesus as her Savior.

A showing of the "JESUS" film in Mozambique. Photo by Jill Holmes.
A showing of the “JESUS” film in Mozambique. Photo by Jill Holmes.

The Lord has worked mightily in her life since that night. Cecile became involved with a local church and attends weekly Bible classes. She’s even engaged to be married!

“People can see the radical change that has transformed her life from a sad and miserable one, captured by the devil, to a joyful one of freedom with the Owner and Giver of life, the Lord Jesus Christ,” explains Leta Kupa, MAF’s manager of finance for the West DRC program in Kinshasa. The “JESUS” Film ministry is Leta’s passion. On weekends, when his official MAF work is over, Leta loads MAF’s projection equipment into the ministry’s 4-wheel-drive vehicle and heads to outlying areas.

Leta says the “JESUS” film works in a unique way. “With the film, you have people who encounter the Lord while they are wandering, not even sure they could meet the Lord as it was in the case of this lady. These people decide to come to Jesus by themselves through what they have seen and heard of the Gospel.”

One weekend Leta organized showings in two different villages to audiences totaling around 3,500 people. All told, some 600 people made decisions for Christ that weekend!

At MAF’s hangar, the entire team works to plan yearly Easter and Christmas programs as well. Friends and other airport personnel are invited; it’s a chance for them to hear the Gospel message. During the last Christmas program, a few dozen hands went up indicating decisions for Christ. Small gifts of Coca-Cola bottles along with Bibles and other tracts were handed out. In fact, there was almost a riot over the Bibles because so many wanted one and there was a limited amount.

These efforts to bring Jesus to the masses are part of the MAF mission of transforming lives, churches and communities. Each team member and every piece of equipment plays an important role in this Kingdom work. The lives of people like Cecile, who are searching for answers, depend on it.


*Name changed for privacy.


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