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2011 MAF Lesotho Africa TeamAs part of the MAF Lesotho Team, I’ve been blessed to witness firsthand how God is using our wonderful Basotho staff for His purposes.

One of our goals is to equip our staff to take a more active role in leadership and offer them more opportunities to contribute using their spiritual gifts and unique skills. We have seen this manifested in a number of ways recently.

Our flight follower, Mamotsoane, organized a Simply the Story (STS) workshop. MAF had the opportunity to provide flights to and from Mokhotlong, a village on the other side of the country, free of charge to some pastors who attended the workshop. The hour-long flight replaced a painfully slow and bumpy 10-hour taxi ride. Though the group was small, the desire to continue utilizing STS to reach mountain Basotho through storytelling was fanned into flame. Those pastors are now laying plans to reproduce storytellers in each of their villages.

Our chaplain, Sefiri, ministers to the patients flown by MAF and does follow-up visits to their villages. He continues to share stories with us about lives that have been touched both physically and spiritually because of MAF; how some have given their hearts to Christ for the first time while others have expressed seeing Jesus’ love extended through the whole team.

One such person, Rethabile, is now part of our team! You may remember reading about him earlier in the year when MAF shared this story of his conversion, which stemmed from his friendship with Sefiri and watching our MAF team. That friendship was made manifest in a wonderful way about two weeks ago. Rethabile stood up for Sefiri as his Best Man.

Yes! We are delighted that our beloved Sefiri married on 6th October to Mphonyane, a lovely Christian young lady. Mphonyane means “small gift”––such a fitting name as she will be a gift to Sefiri and to us all as she is welcomed into the team.

It was a beautiful ceremony. Kevin Borror, as Sefiri’s employer and our Program Manager, was given the honor of sharing scripture at the wedding. Lehlohonolo, one of our staff, was also called upon to offer a prayer of blessing during the ceremony.

The wedding was wonderful for many reasons but perhaps most encouraging was seeing the unity of the whole team, expats and Basotho side by side. What a blessed day!


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