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MAF Family Safe, Home Destroyed in Sentani Fire

SENTANI, Indonesia – The Richards family is safe following a fire in Sentani, Papua, Indonesia on Friday, June 13, that destroyed their house and the adjacent Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) guesthouse duplex.

The blaze began when the Richards’ generator caught fire. The house was constructed primarily of wood so the fire grew in intensity quite quickly. Attempts to contain the fire were in vain, but it was a valiant effort by MAF staff, the mission community, and the local community as well. Praise the Lord no one was hurt during the event, which lasted for several hours.

The Richards had just a few minutes to grab some possessions before the smoke became too thick inside the house. They recovered very little besides the clothes on their backs and some appliances. Despite efforts to slow the blaze the fire spread to the C&MA guesthouse and burned it to the ground as well, though most of the furniture within that structure was removed prior to it burning.

Again we see the body of Christ working together in so many ways, from those helping to put out the blaze, to those surrounding the Richards in prayer and being there by their side.  

Please be in prayer for the Richards as well as the C&MA team.

A fund has been established to help the Richards family get back on their feet. To make a gift, click here.


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