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MAF Unveils New Global Logo

Logo, Clear BG 72dpi

Old MAF International Logo
Top: MAF’s new global logo, which updates its historic dove emblem. It will replace the two emblems below.
Center: The logo used by MAF-US since 1992.
Bottom: The wings-and-Bible design used by MAF in Europe and some other areas.

NAMPA, Idaho – Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) today unveiled a new logo that gives a fresh look to the aviation ministry’s historic dove emblem.

“From the wings-and-Bible emblem used in some parts of the world, to the dove used by MAF in the United States, the MAF logo has long been a symbol of hope and help to isolated people in remote corners of the globe,” said John Boyd, president and CEO of MAF-US. “This new logo continues that proud tradition.”

Mission Aviation Fellowship is a global family of organizations that uses aviation, communications, and learning technologies to share the gospel and bring vital help to people isolated by poor roads and infrastructure, geographic barriers, natural disasters, or insecurity. This summer MAF has been actively involved in combatting malaria in northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, supporting relief work in South Sudan, and enabling the work of churches, evangelists, and Bible translators across Africa and Asia.

Utilizing blue, red, and gray, the new logo’s bold, clean lines reflect the organization’s reputation for professionalism and competency. The dove – part of MAF-US’s logos since the 1970s – was maintained in the new design and represents the Christian faith, aviation, and MAF history.

MAF serves in 32 countries of Africa, Asia, Eurasia, and Latin America, and several different logos are currently used. This new insignia will be adopted in all areas and be easily recognized.

MAF will begin using the new logo immediately. However, it may be some time before all 142 planes in the fleet are repainted with the new emblem.


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