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Many Are The Plans

While David was doing his Technical Evaluation for MAF, I was asked to help out at headquarters. As I was nervous for David and our possible future with MAF, I was more than happy to help with the task of transcribing some taped interviews.
MAF pioneer aviator, Betty Greene
Putting on the headphones, I couldn’t believe my ears. The beginnings of MAF had been described to me simply: “In 1943, three World War II pilots begin meeting for prayer, Bible study and discussion of missionary aviation. In 1944, one of those pilots is moved to establish an organization as soon as possible so that missionary aviation can begin when the war ends.”

But according to the transcripts, the story was much more complex. Among the group, there was division. Some of the pilots wanted to fly domestically, serving needy people within the U.S. The other group wanted to fly internationally. They took a retreat to try to sort out the tension, but it kept ending in arguments. Then one man suggested that they stop and pray.

That changed everything. As Proverbs 19:21 says, “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.” As it happened, the international idea moved forward. Their first pilot, Betty Greene, flew to Mexico in 1946, and now, 66 years later, we have a worldwide organization dedicated to removing barriers to the Gospel through aviation.

MAF airplane in HaitiIn Haiti last week, we just celebrated 25 years. We got off to a bumpy start; there didn’t seem to be enough interest to justify starting a base. Then in 1985, we sent one pilot, Barry Borror, and the doors began to open. Today, our program has six pilots, a maintenance specialist, and sixteen Haitian staff members scattered across the country.

May the Lord’s purpose prevail here and worldwide for many years more…in spite of our plans, if necessary.


Sebuah Warisan Pelayanan

Kilas balik 50 tahun MAF di Kalimantan Utara Pada tahun 1971, pilot MAF Dave Hoisington menerbangkan delegasi konferensi gereja dari Papua, Indonesia, ke pangkalan MAF

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