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How local workers are making a big difference in MAF programs around the world

Rethabile stopped working. The man leading a donkey past the Kuebunyane health clinic had caught his attention. Rethabile and Maila, another Basotho MAF worker, put down the bricks they were unloading from the airplane and approached the man—a more pressing task was at hand.

High in the mountains of Lesotho, Kuebunyane is only three miles from the nearest road—yet traversing those three miles would take several hours on foot, horseback, or four-wheel drive. MAF flights are the only easy way in and out. Rethabile, Maila, and MAF pilot Justin Honaker were bringing building supplies to this clinic that treats cases ranging from minor injuries to HIV and AIDS.

“The man and his donkey were coming from the other side of the mountain. He was on his way even farther to try to find work so he could give his family something to eat,” said Rethabile. “So I asked him about his life, and he was kind enough to stay and talk to us a while.”

An aerial view of the Kuebunyane airstrip and clinic in Lesotho. Photo by Justin Honaker.
An aerial view of the Kuebunyane airstrip and clinic in Lesotho. Photo by Justin Honaker.

Rethabile began working as a loader for MAF Lesotho in October 2012. Since then, he accepted Christ and takes every opportunity to share his faith. At this remote worksite, the Lord presented Rethabile with a wonderful chance to show His love.

“I became a Christian by talking to Sefiri, an MAF chaplain, and the rest of the MAF team,” said Rethabile. “Sefiri mentored me, and I watched everyone at MAF and how they lived and it helped me grow as a believer.”

Rethabile and Maila asked this man to stay and help them work for the day. While they worked, Rethabile told him the story of Jesus.

“It was pretty cool,” said MAF pilot Justin Honaker. “Rethabile later told me ‘Well he couldn’t go anywhere so he had to listen to me. And he actually wanted to hear what I had to say!’”

When they had finished for the day, Rethabile watched the man and his donkey begin the trek home from Kuebunyane. Because of Rethabile and MAF, this man returned to his family both with a day’s wage and the message that God loves them so much He sent His Son to die for them.


Story published in FlightWatch 2014, Vol 2.


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