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“What Is Your Ministry?”

This is a question I’m often asked by well-meaning short-term visitors. I could give the cursory answer: I’m a wife and mom, a hostess to many, financial assistant to MAF-Haiti, a graphics designer, youth leader, worship leader… the list could go on. But, I truly don’t see these as the definition of my ministry here in Haiti. They’re simply the outflowing of ministry. Ministry—whether we’re talking about mothering or how I relate to the community around me—is not something that I switch on and turn off, as if I’m clocking in and out of a 9-to-5 job each day. It’s simply my life … a broken, poured-out vessel before our Lord. When I’ve finally lost all sense of “ministry” vs. all the rest of my time/life, God can and will work through me in the most awesome way. This is not because I’ve said, “I need to minister to my child right now,” or, “I need to minister to the woman who lives on my street.” It happens naturally as an overflow of the love and grace that permeates my whole being.

As I continue to seek His face and His love, He’ll fill my heart each and every day anew. I must allow God to refill my heart with a new outpouring of His Spirit in order to be the follower of the Cross that He’s called me to be. And as I do so, He will give me strength, not just to walk, but to run and even soar (Is. 40:31) In Haiti, especially, this is vitally important to truly be able to face the spiritual warfare that is so tangible here.

May your own ministry—your entire life—be a shining beacon, reflecting the very heart of God to the world around you, so that all may see and honor your Father who is in Heaven (Mt. 5: 16).


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