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What’s a Missionary?

We serve a big God. One who is greater than we can imagine; who measures the universe by the span of His hand. His ways are higher than ours, and His wisdom in choosing whom He works through is amazing. He chooses the unlikely, the “not yet” of this world. He chooses the unexpected, and often times, the inexperienced (1 Cor. 20:25-31). And in doing so, He receives even more praise for it! He did this time and time again throughout history, and He still does it today.

My 7-year-old loves Jesus. She talks about His greatness. She smiles over His love. She draws pictures of Him and writes letters to Him. She prays that her friends would love God… “really love God.” But it doesn’t stop there. She lets her little voice be heard. She courageously talks to our neighbors in her developing second language. With joy, she asks if they know Jesus, and then proceeds to tell them of all that she knows of her Savior. She considers our neighbors by wanting to spend time with them, bringing gifts and notes…anything.

Read the story of one of MAF's founding missionaries, Nate Saint, in the book, Jungle Pilot
Read the story of one of MAF’s founding missionaries, Nate Saint, in the book, Jungle Pilot
I see God’s love working through this child. It’s undeniable. She wants to share her Joy with them. Is it always perfectly executed? No. But it is being perfected by the One who has promised to do so. There is a big God in her young heart…and He can’t help but be seen!

Recently, my daughter came across the word missionary in a biography we were reading together. She asked, “What is a missionary?” I giggled with surprise. “Well, Honey, it’s a person who absolutely loves Jesus and wants others to love Him too. So, they choose to live their lives in such a way that helps others to see and know Him, by loving them and teaching them who Jesus is.”

A few minutes later, she gasped with bright eyes and a beaming smile, “You mean…I am a missionary?!”
What a great reminder! We don’t have to be an adult with a well-thought-out ministry plan, years of experience, or even move to another country to be a missionary. Having a heart convinced of His love for us and for others is what is required…and God will do the rest!

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