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Why I Joined MAF?

Each year as potential MAF missionaries go through the candidate program, we find that the reasons they want to join MAF are as diverse as the backgrounds of the people themselves. Here are a few reasons MAF staff members gave as to why they chose to pursue missions with us:

Conrad & Heidi Hertzler (Mozambique) chose MAF because it was a good fit for their family.

“We looked closely at another mission agency and were close to joining them. But we started realizing I needed this system behind me that supported me to be a wife and a mom,” Heidi said. “So many organizations require the wife to have some kind of role, or some kind of ministry. And when we started to look at MAF more, we realized they stand behind their wives. If you want to focus on being a wife and mom… that’s what they encourage. We realized this ministry was a much better fit for our family.”

Kimberly Baker (Lesotho) chose MAF because of the unique opportunity she had to use her professional skills in a mission setting.

“I started my missions adventure at 40; I didn’t start as a kid. This is the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. I do accounting because it pays the bills, and never in a thousand years thought that would take me to the mission field. And yet, that’s what carried me into MAF.”

We captured Steve Persenaire’s (Program Manager, Kalimantan program) “Why I joined MAF” statement on video.


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