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MAF is participating in #GivingTuesday today, with funds raised going toward life-saving medical flights like the one that Pastor Yesika received earlier this year. The following is a letter of thanks from Pastor Yesika (translated into English) to the MAF team in Kalimantan, Indonesia:

Shalom MAF,

I am Pastor Yesika Apirlianae Veliskova. I am a pastor at the GKPI church in Binuang. I have already read the first edition of the “Quarterly Bulletin” put out by MAF in July 2013. I am very glad about and impressed by the “Vision and Mission” of MAF in it’s service to the Lord. I am also very glad that MAF introduces/identifies itself. It seems that there are many good and humble people that the Lord Jesus has sent to carry out and commit to this great service. I was very moved to see the “MAF photo gallery” in this bulletin. I was reminded of my experience when I was about to give birth on this past April 9, 2013. Without MAF, my baby and I probably would not have survived.

Pastor-Yesika-from-Steve-P.-Kalimantan-2013At 13:00, MAF arrived to take us to Tarakan. When we arrived in Tarakan, there was an ambulance waiting to take us to the Tarakan Hospital. At 21:00 on the dot, I delivered a baby boy, the first fruit of our hearts and we gave him the name Vemark Bie Fide. It means safe by the grace of the Lord Jesus (Fide) that happened in Binuang (Bie) through the prayers of our congregation in Binuang and the help of MAF through transportation. Blessed be the Lord Jesus!!! Thank you to all. Thank you MAF.

MAF, the service that you all give is extraordinary. Many souls in remote corners of the interior need you all. With continued joy in our service, all the congregation in Binuang and I will always support with prayer every service that is done by MAF.

May the passion/zeal of MAF continue…May the Lord Jesus bless your service. Colossians 3:23

Thank you MAF.

We love you all,

Pastor Yesika Apriliannae Veliskova

Help support more life-saving MAF flights today for #GivingTuesday. Go to to learn more.


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