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A Divine Appointment

Sunday worship at the farm.
Sunday worship at the farm.
We were tired. The MAF Lesotho team went from ten families down to four as our other teammates were on furlough. That left us with three pilots, one of whom was serving as the interim program manager for several weeks. We were spread thin and all of us were working hard to continue the same level of service we provide when we’re fully staffed.

Lesotho is generally a quiet and peaceful country; however, on August 30th, we experienced what the Prime Minister of Lesotho labeled an attempted coup. For several days tension was very high and the local police were not reporting for duty. No one on our team was allowed to travel alone or to be out after sundown. We went from being tired to being discouraged very quickly. We were encouraged to move our entire team out of Lesotho for a long weekend, so we could have a respite and decide some next steps.

I started looking for possible accommodations for our team, and through a series of phone calls I was led to the Van der Linde family farm, less than an hour away. They just so happened to have space for every MAF family to have their own room. The place was idyllic: great big open spaces, animals to feed and entertain, and lovely areas where we could hike or just take a stroll. In this time of chaos, it was as if God said to us, “Come away to a place I have prepared especially with you in mind. Come to me and I will give you rest.”

Lisa, our host, confided to me that she had been asking the Lord what she could do with all the empty space they had. She wanted to bless others, but God hadn’t yet showed her who… until I called. What a miraculous thing to see how God knew our need, God knew Lisa’s heart and desire to serve, and He arranged a divine appointment to fulfill them both. God is good all the time!


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