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A Timely Delay

Medevac flight in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Photo by Sean Cannon.
Medevac flight in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Photo by Sean Cannon.
In Kalimantan, Indonesia, MAF pilot Paul College had an unplanned stop in Binawang, on a day when he was running late. Daylight was fading as he cleared the last mountain range and landed at this village deep in the jungle.

The MAF airstrip helper in Binawang greeted him, saying, “Paul, a lady has just arrived from a village about a mile down river and can’t deliver her baby. Can you take her to the hospital in the city?”

Paul had arrived in the right place at the right time, again. If the woman had arrived an hour later, she would have missed the flight and it would have been too late in the day to return to the village to pick her up. Paul said, “God works in cool ways. I don’t know if she and her baby would have survived the night, but because of God’s providence, I don’t have to wonder. She and her baby did survive. This is not the first time this type of thing has happened to me.”

MAF is a lifeline to people who live in the interior jungles of Borneo. Thank you for making flights like this one possible! In 2012 your gifts and prayers supported 6,627 medical-related flights, and allowed MAF pilots to shine the light of Jesus to people living in remote, isolated areas. Click on the graphic below to watch the video and read the 2012 Impact Report.


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