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August 29 – September 4, 2016

Mercy, peace, and love be yours richly.
— Jude 1:2


Priorities for Prayer

  • Monday, August 29

    Praise the Lord for His mercy, peace, and love that we can enjoy in abundance! May these gifts freely flow through us to be a blessing to others.

  • Tuesday, August 30

    Praise God that the awaited permissions have come through for the KODIAK airplane floats to be used in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Pray for smooth export and import processes after the final work is completed at Quest in Sandpoint, Idaho.

  • Wednesday, August 31

    Please pray for the MAF team in western Indonesia as they look for additional ways to serve the people in that region.

  • Thursday, September 1

    Praise God for the village chief who met an MAF plane recently with a grateful smile and handed the pilot a live chicken in thanks for all the flights MAF has done to help with their church building project in Pogapa, Papua, Indonesia.

  • Friday, September 2

    Please pray for the MAF Philippines team as they prepare for tomorrow’s dinner event and for the invitees that they will partner with MAF’s ministry.

  • Saturday, September 3

    Today, CRMF (now called MAF Technology Services) celebrates its 70 anniversary as an organization and 60 years since it was established in PNG. Please pray that today will be a wonderful day of celebrations where the Lord will be glorified for all He has done in PNG through this work.

  • Sunday, September 4

    Ask our Heavenly Father to keep MAF global workers out of harm’s way and walking in paths of righteousness.

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