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Breaking Hearts in Haiti



The MAF adopt-a-plane HH-LLS in Haiti feels like a responsible parent sometimes—and lately, a distraught parent. Her heart is breaking due to some recent flights.

It’s not uncommon to receive a medical evacuation request to bring a little one to a hospital in Port-au-Prince for emergency treatment. But more often than not, when MAF gets the call, the child is in pretty dire straits, like tiny Ketia.

A wisp of a baby, Ketia was born with a congenital heart defect. After a prolonged illness, she became severely malnourished and anemic. When missionaries in Jeremie learned about her condition, they immediately began making plans to get her to the most advanced hospital in the area.

That’s when MAF was called, and HH-LLS went into action. The little Cessna 207 carefully transported frail little Ketia to Port-au-Prince where she was admitted to the hospital. Prayer warriors and supporters rallied and raised funds for her care. She began to stabilize and there was a glimmer of hope.

Sadly, a few days later, Ketia passed from this world into God’s loving arms, where she is free from pain. The MAF Haiti team is heartbroken, along with the others who loved this sweet baby during her short time on earth.

Flights like this one can be hard on the pilots. They do their job and hope and pray. As the pilot who conducted Ketia’s flight explains, “While I love being able to bring a lifeline to people, my purpose for being here is to share the light and love of Christ—even when my heart is broken.”

As hard as she might try, not all of HH-LLS’s flights are going to have a happy ending. But at least she can makes it possible for young and old alike to have a chance at life, and to experience the love of Christ in action.

Consider making HH-LLS part of your family today. You can adopt this airplane through a one-time or monthly recurring gift and play a vital part in ministering to the people of Haiti.


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