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Crocodile Ambush!

Story by Brian Marx, an MAF pilot in Papua, Indonesia

One hundred miles east of us is an immense jungle area known as the Mamberamo. One weekend Yesaya was hunting for wild boar with his buddies. They were closing in on an animal down by the river when suddenly the hunters became the hunted. Waiting in ambush was a 12 foot crocodile! The beast sprung out of the mud and grabbed Yesaya’s leg. Oh no! Once a croc clamps down, he is not likely to let go. But the hunters sprung into action. With machetes they hacked off the crocodile’s tail. Shocked by the pain, the beast released enough for Yesaya to retract his mangled leg. They made quick work of the crocodile; an animal that size will feed many mouths.

Yesaya strapped in and ready for the flight to Nabire. Photo by Roland Trempert.

Yesaya’s leg was clearly broken; his best hope was getting to the airstrip at Dofu. On a makeshift stretcher, they carried Yesaya through the jungle to the river. Two days later their canoe made it to Dofu. Our radio in Nabire is always on standby for just such an emergency. Our team rallied to help. Jeremiah was flying in the mountains; he diverted to pick up Yesaya and a second patient waiting in Dofu. In Nabire, Pieter, another MAF pilot, used his pickup truck to bring the patients to the hospital.

Weeks later, Yesaya was all smiles when Pieter flew him back home. His knee had been displaced and his tibula broken, but he seems to be healing well and is walking with a crutch.

Weeks later, Yesaya returns home. Photo by Pieter Van Dijk.

Please pray for continued healing for Yesaya and for the Mamberamo area, which is very dark, spiritually. Ask the Father to open doors for missionaries and local Christians to reach out to dozens of tribes who reside in the area.


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