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February 8 – February 14 , 2016

By this everyone will know that you are My disciples, if you have love and unselfish concern for one another.
— John 13:35 (AMP)


Priorities for Prayer

  • Monday, February 8

    May love and unselfish concern for others abound, demonstrating to the world that we are indeed followers of Christ.

  • Tuesday, February 9

    Pray for Rod and Valerie Hochstetler who minister in western Congo as a pilot/mechanic family. They have served with MAF for nearly 26 years. To learn about their ministry, or about their daughter, Lydia’s experience traveling to remote Vanga Hospital, use this link.

  • Wednesday, February 10

    Praise God for the hardworking Donor Services team at Nampa Please lift up MAF staff based in Haiti and ask for protection against the Zika virus, which has become an epidemic.

  • Thursday, February 11

    Pray and ask God to supply someone to work in the Quality Department to help MAF continue to improve as an organization.

  • Friday, February 12

    Praise God for the diligent Office Services team: Karin, Sterling, and Atalie. They handle the mail and printing needs at MAF headquarters.

  • Saturday, February 13

    Pray for Aaron and Katie Hoffmann who are serving in the heart of Borneo: central Kalimantan, Indonesia, as a pilot/mechanic family. For more about their ministry and to see the colorful baby carrier Katie uses to carry their toddlers, see their latest newsletter.

  • Sunday, February 14

    Pray for healthy and Christ-like marriages for MAF staff around the world.

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