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He Knows What We Need

A couple of months ago we were in the midst of getting our house ready to sell, packing up our belongings, and preparing for our departure for Indonesia. To say that Matt and I were feeling overwhelmed would have been a major understatement. Our mile long “to do” list never seemed to get smaller and I felt like we were drowning in the tasks that needed to be accomplished before leaving Spokane. A wise friend kept reminding me, “God has called you to this, and He will meet you each day.” In the back of my mind I believed her, but the question kept surfacing, “but how?”

An Indonesian marketplace will be part of the Scheer’s new adventure
An Indonesian marketplace will be part of the Scheer’s new adventure
The whole family still needed good quality shoes, suitable for Indonesia’s tropical climate. While having coffee with a friend one day, I mentioned some of the things on our list. She remembered that she knew a shoe store owner that loved to outfit missionaries with shoes. That same day we walked out of a small store with shoes for all of us, grateful for such selfless generosity.

A few days later another friend said he wanted to stop by to give something to Matt. He brought over a brand new drill and impact driver (perfect for using on the cement walls that exist in many of the houses in Indonesia). We were surprised. Though he hadn’t told anyone, Matt had just been thinking about how his drill was about to expire and that he would probably need a new one. How did our friend know we needed this? He humbly responded that he was looking into a new drill for himself and felt prompted to give us one. God knows what we need before we even ask.

The gifts continued … a home cooked meal, a few hours of donated time to help clean or pack. My friend was right … God will meet us. I realized then that I don’t need to wonder how he will do it, but rest in the fact that He will.

For your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.” — Matthew 6:8


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