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It’s always inspiring to observe believers from another culture and how they live and view their life in relation to their Creator.

Since moving to Indonesia three months ago there has been one thing that has stood out among the native believers here…..they have a deep-rooted faith in God as a Healer. A man with a life-threatening allergy to shellfish recently told us how he had accidently ingested shrimp and almost died as a result. He knew nothing of carrying a life-saving epi pen in such circumstances. As his esophagus started to swell and his heart went into arrhythmias, he called out to God and asked for help, and God saved him. Another woman tearfully related how her husband has had cancer for several years now. He refuses to seek treatment because they can’t afford it and he is determined to continue their daily bread-making business in order to provide for the family. Yet they pray and believe that God is with them, leaning on the knowledge that God alone holds the ultimate healing power.

As a nurse, I sometimes tend to focus on the earthly solutions to problems like these and quickly forget the power of Jesus, the supreme Healer and Creator of these complex bodies. Whether God chooses to heal us or allow us to endure the pain and suffering, for His good and perfect will, I am reminded of the importance of that simple, childlike faith that says “God can heal me. God is with me.”

Praying for a passenger before an MAF medical evacuation flight—Tarakan, Indonesia. Photo by Tripp Flythe.
Praying for a passenger before an MAF medical evacuation flight—Tarakan, Indonesia. Photo by Tripp Flythe.
It brings to mind the account in Matthew (chap. 8, vs. 5-13), where Jesus is approached by the centurion. The man is desperate to help his servant who is suffering back home, paralyzed. His faith is such that he believes Jesus can heal from a distance. He tells Jesus, “Just say the word and my servant will be healed.”

Jesus is blown away by the man’s response, saying, “I tell you the truth, I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith.”

May I have the same kind of faith—the one that believes without a doubt in the ultimate Healer.


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