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How does it feel to function in God’s strength versus your own? God brought this question to mind one day as a friend and I were going on an outing to the local hotel. As we approached, I surveyed the parking situation. All the spots outside of the hotel were taken. As I turned in to the hotel driveway, all the spots along the side of the driveway were taken. People milled about. Obviously an event was going on. I really didn’t want to plunge the car around the sharp turn that takes you down to the underground parking area because if that was full, it would be really hard to turn around and get out.

Linda snapped this picture to show the cars packed like sardines in the parking garage.

Just as our pilots here verbalize “committed” when they get past their abort point for landing, I realized I was “committed” as I rounded the corner. The tight lot was stacked with cars, each neatly backed into a row against the back wall with inches to spare between each one. I kept going forward, and pulled straight in to the last remaining spot, not sure how I would be able to back out and turn around when we had to leave.

Later, as we prepared to depart, a man in a red uniform approached. In Indonesian, he politely suggested that I might allow him to turn around the car for me. I realized he was a valet, and probably had way more experience in maneuvering cars in tight situations than I did. So, I agreed. In a few minutes, with the help of other workers, he had magically maneuvered the vehicle to where it was facing the other direction, ready to go back up the steep incline and out of the parking area. I breathed a sigh of relief.

As I got into the car, I thanked God, and I felt Him gently whisper that He had just illustrated to me how much easier things can be when I am relying on His strength, and not my own efforts.


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