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Because of the generosity of people like you, MAF flew just over 3,600 medical flights last year. Whether it is delivering medicine, doctors, supplies, or transporting a sick or injured person—MAF is often the only hope of access to medical care for people living in remote places.

There are many people who have been impacted by an MAF medical flight, and we wanted to briefly introduce just a few of them to you!


Above: Here she is with her dad after their return flight to the village. Below: A little later with both parents and a younger sibling, bringing a gift of leeks for the pilot’s wife.

Hagar is a little girl who lives in Papua, Indonesia. Last year, she was badly burned when a pot of boiling water spilled on her upper leg and belly.

MAF pilot Pieter van Dijk flew Hagar and her dad, Ruben, from their village to Nabire, a neighboring town, where she could be treated for her burns. While Hagar was in Nabire, Anja, an MAF missionary and wife of Pieter, visited her and applied honey to her wounds to help with the pain.

Since then Hagar has experienced complete healing and her belly and upper leg have new skin. Hagar is thankful to Anja for taking care of her. And we are thankful for the people like you whose support makes these life-saving flights possible!



Fery fell out of a tree in his Papuan village in 2015. He was terribly wounded and nearly lost his life from the ensuing infections. MAF flew him out of the remote village of Dirouw to receive medical care.

Above: Pak Fery’s evacuation flight in 2015. Below: Pak Fery today. Praise the Lord!

Three years later in February 2018, MAF flew Fery to Dirouw—for everyday business! Fery has made a full recovery and does not have any pain.

“The Lord Jesus healed me,” said Fery.


Obet lives in a remote village high in the rugged mountains of Papua. The beauty of this place lost its allure when Obet broke his leg. In an Indonesian parallel of Luke 5, Obet was carried by his friends on a four-day hike across a deep valley to an airstrip on the top of an opposite plateau.

Once his friends got him to the airstrip, MAF was able to take him to receive medical care.

Above: Obet secured for his flight. Below: Obet’s friends carried him from the right side of this valley to the airstrip up on the left side plateau.

Without your support, MAF would not be able to bring hope to isolated people—like Hagar, Fery, and Obet—who find themselves in desperate need of medical attention. Thank you for making flights like these possible!



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