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January 2 – January 8, 2017

Let them all praise the name of the Eternal! For His name stands alone above all others. His glory shines greater than anything above or below.
— Psalm 148:13 (VOICE)


Priorities for Prayer

  • Monday, January 2

    s we start 2017, let us remember to praise the great name of our Lord God who reigns above everything and everyone. He alone is worthy of our lives, our days, our minutes.

  • Tuesday, January 3

    MAF Mobilization (formerly MAF Recruiting) has an extensive list of positions to fill in 2017—from maintenance specialists, pilot/mechanics, and teachers, to technology specialists and administrators. Pray that the Lord will motivate and prompt those feeling led to contact MAF.

  • Wednesday, January 4

    Pray for the MAF executive leadership team, for God’s clear guidance as they make strategic decisions this month..

  • Thursday, January 5

    Lift up David and Ashley Petersen who serve with MAF in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). David enjoys flying a wide variety of people across eastern DRC, including doctors, Bible translators, pastors, reconciliation teams, and many medical evacuees to the hospital in the village of Nyankunde where he and Ashley live.

  • Friday, January 6

    Pray for clear direction from the Lord for our MAF mobilizers as they interact with contacts and potential MAF applicants.

  • Saturday, January 7

    Lift up Juan Carlos and Johanna Portillo who are currently serving MAF as a pilot/mechanic family. Pray for them as they transition from Mexico to a new ministry with our MAF affiliate group in Suriname.

  • Sunday, January 8

    Please pray for peace and political stability in the African nations where MAF staff are serving.

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