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June 11 – June 17, 2018

And Jesus said to him, “‘If You can?’
All things are possible to him who believes.”
-Mark 9:23 (NASB)

Monday, June 11
Thank You, Lord Jesus, that there is nothing too hard for You! Help us to completely trust You with all the details of our lives.

Tuesday, June 12
Praise God for the rehabilitation of Ntondo airstrip in West DRC, made possible by donations organized by MAF Switzerland. May Ntondo airstrip be used well in the fight against Ebola.

Wednesday, June 13
Pray for the many transitions this summer for MAF Haiti. There are families on furlough, a pilot/mechanic family on-loan to another MAF program, and four pilots filling in.

Thursday, June 14
Lift up Robby and Carol Matthews, a maintenance specialist instructor family, on loan to Moody Aviation in Spokane, Washington. The Matthews served several terms in Kalimantan, Indonesia, starting in the 1980s.

Friday, June 15
Pray for the Papua team in Indonesia as they look to see where the Lord is leading their team in the future.

Saturday, June 16
Lift up Tim and Kathy Maynard, an MAF aircraft mechanic family serving in Kalimantan, Indonesia. The Maynards recently moved to Central Kalimantan. Pray for them as they settle in and make friends in the community of Palangkaraya.

Sunday, June 17
MAF Chad has a big need for new staff members for ground operations, maintenance administration, and finance. Please pray that they can find the right people for these vacancies.


Sebuah Warisan Pelayanan

Kilas balik 50 tahun MAF di Kalimantan Utara Pada tahun 1971, pilot MAF Dave Hoisington menerbangkan delegasi konferensi gereja dari Papua, Indonesia, ke pangkalan MAF

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