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Kalimantan KODIAK Photo Journal

As MAF looks forward to having two new KODIAKs serving in Indonesia, here’s a look at what the airplane is doing today in Kalimantan.

This load consisted of 28,000 tea plants, which had no problem fitting into the KODIAK. A government-sponsored project into the village of Long Nawang will help the people start a small tea plantation. Each box contained 1,000 little tea plants, shipped directly from JAVA on the airlines the afternoon before.
KODIAK load of 28,000 tea plants, Kalimantan Indonesia

This village received a much-needed delivery of rice.
MAF KODIAK delivers rice

Two boys had a bad bicycle accident (they were on the same bike). The one who’s asleep in the seat only had surface injuries. But the one lying on the floor, being attended to by his mom, had his Achilles tendon cut clean through by the wheel or spokes—a pretty serious injury by any standard. Without MAF flying him to the hospital, he would have had no hope of ever walking on that foot again. As it turns out, they were able to reattach the tendon in a lengthy surgery.

A flight to deliver supplies for a village water project included chainsaws, grass trimmers, and even a few toilets.

Dark clouds loomed overhead as the MAF team loaded this heavy generator. The “mesin lampu”(light machine) will provide electricity at night for a small interior village.

Help MAF purchase 2 new KODIAKs for service in Indonesia:

Photos by Dave Forney and captions adapted from his blog,


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