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Listen, Smile, Pray, Fly

This is a story by our MAF-UK counterparts about one of our sister programs operating in Mongolia.

In this remote corner of Mongolia, specialist medical care rarely comes. What a difference a plane makes!

The sun is just coming up in Bulgan Sum, a remote town in western Mongolia.

A crowd of men, women and children cram into an old shack on the hospital compound.

Suren, a weathered old man with smiling eyes meets a female doctor—a volunteer from Shalom Church. He was one of the first to arrive after a three-mile walk, and has waited on the step with his friend for over an hour to receive free treatment.
32778_Shalom Church doctors and acupuncturists and men on step in Bulgan Sum

Today there are five Christian specialists treating patients, and by 11 a.m., they’ve seen 60 people.

The visitors have brought children’s literature, Bible studies, and open hearts to treat the sick—all given free of charge. While doctors work, volunteers talk to patients, Bibles in hands.

They listen, they smile, they pray.

32800_Shalom Church doctors and acupuncturists in Bulgan Sum

For some of these remote villagers, this could be their only chance to receive treatment. Over 900 miles from Mongolia’s capital, medical specialists rarely travel this far. And neither does the Good News.

But in this remote clinic, every single patient hears the Gospel.

Until 2013, Shalom Church made every mission trip by road. It would have taken the group four nights and five days of driving to reach Bulgan Sum.

“When we reached our destination, the team was exhausted from the long trip,” says Pastor Ganzorig. “And some people got sick along the way.”

But this mission trip was different. For the first time, MAF flew the small team; a pastor, doctors and a group of young volunteers. Their excitement was genuine and so touching when they stepped off the plane.

32819_A mission team from Shalom Church Mongolia

“It was such a blessing to fly with you!” exclaimed Pastor Ganzorig. “It took just five hours instead of five days!”

Thanks to MAF’s little planes, God’s glory can truly shine into the furthest corners of the earth.


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