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May 30 – June 6, 2016

God wants us to grow up, to know the whole truth and tell it in love–like Christ in everything.
—Ephesians 4:15 (the Message)


Priorities for Prayer

  • Monday, May 30

    Praise God that He wants us to be people complete in His truth, speaking in love and thoroughly Christ-like.

  • Tuesday, May 31

    Several potential MAF missionary families are going through technical evaluations with the desire to participate in the July 2016 Candidate Class. Pray that things go well and that our July class is filled to capacity.

  • Wednesday, June 1

    The MAF Tech Resources team is praising God for the creative ways technology is being used to expand God’s Kingdom as Biblical teachings and resources are becoming more readily accessible for church leaders.

  • Thursday, June 2

    Praise God that MAF has the privilege to serve Him in regions of the world that are thirsty for His living water. Pray for opportunities to give a cup of cold water in Christ’s name.

  • Friday, June 3

    Praise God for blossoming relationships with key Congolese government officials and like-minded partners. Pray that these relationships will continue to be strengthened.

  • Saturday, June 4

    Praise God for the well-received presentation in Papua, Indonesia on preventing child abuse, recently shared by two MAF pilots’ wives with the national staff families and women’s church group. This seminar has made this difficult subject easier to discuss and address in their communities.

  • Sunday, June 5

    Please pray for the MAF South Sudan team because they currently do not have enough pilots to meet the high demand for flights. Praise God that there are new pilots in the pipeline.

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