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020584-Lesotho-DG-PJust when I’m getting the hang of my role as MAF Lesotho’s interim country program manager (PM), I get a curve ball that’s got me reeling. The life of a PM is a big change for a pilot/mechanic who is used to not being tied to the hangar. Now I’ve got an office, a desk, my own office computer, and my name doesn’t appear on the flight schedule nearly as often as it used to.

Now I meet deadlines, write emails, and do a lot of talking. Today, I met two big deadlines and I’m stoked to finally move on to more “fun” stuff, maybe even get my name back on the flight or maintenance side of things. However, the colonel of the military base we are stationed on is on the phone; he wants me to come to his office to do some more talking.

What he has to say drops my jaw to the floor: the runway improvements to our home base airport (that they have been talking about for years and have never actually done) are approved. “Oh, and the work should begin in about two weeks,” he says. “We’ll need to close the airport for 6 to 18 months.”

Wow! I’m stunned. Two major deadlines down and now this! “We would like you to move with us to the international airport 40 kilometers out of town,” he continues.

Moving our entire base of operations, albeit temporarily, is a massive undertaking. And did I mention there is no electricity or running water at the other hangar facilities?

I invite you to join us in prayer as we look into the details that go into this big move. Seems like I won’t be making it back on the schedule anytime soon. And that is okay. I am trusting God for His leading in our program, that He would be glorified in all that we do—even if it includes a temporary move to another airport!


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