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Mrs. Moloi

MAF Adopt a Plane 7P-CMHMAF’s Cessna 206, 7P-CMH, was readied and took off quickly to the remote mountain village of Matsile in Lesotho to respond to a medical emergency call. As the plane landed on the dirt airstrip, the patient appeared—being carried on a makeshift stretcher, nothing more than a thin foam mattress stretched over tree limbs with the bark still on them.

The stretcher bearers reached CMH drenched in sweat, having hiked with the patient for over half an hour. A small group followed close behind out of concern for the woman. The crowd worked together to get the convulsing patient into the airplane.

As pilot Justin Honaker helped them transfer her to the aircraft stretcher, an elderly woman’s eyes caught his. He recognized her immediately—a heart attack patient whom he had flown several years ago. And there she was, healthy as ever!

He didn’t have a chance to greet her properly, however, as time was of the essence. But, as he was about to climb into his seat and prepare for takeoff, the woman grasped his hand.

“Do you remember me?” she said.

“I know exactly who you are, Mrs. Moloi,” Justin answered. She gave him a big smile and nodded to CMH as if to say, Now off you go, and get this one to the hospital too.

CMH was more than happy to comply. Because of your support, CMH is ready to help at a moment’s notice.

Please pray for CMH’s pilots and the many passengers who are sick or injured and in need of healing.


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