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April 2012 was a month that changed our family’s lives. It was then that we heard God wooing us back to the overseas mission field. I still remember my husband looking at me and saying, “I think our time here is done.” We had a home, Chris had a great job, we loved our church and the friends God blessed us with while living in Idaho.

Fear crept into my heart at the thought of uprooting our family and moving to another country, culture and life. We were homebodies about to embark on a life of much change.

D Klynstra_Home crop

We packed up our lives, left some stuffed animals behind, said goodbye to friends, family, and all that is familiar.

Fast forward four years from that day in 2012 and we have been living in Indonesia for the last two years. Some days steps are taken boldly, other days I wonder what in the world we are doing here, and if the kids will be OK.

I sometimes battle the lies in my head that I am not doing enough in this country, but His truth leads me back to being satisfied with caring for my home and family.

D Klynstra w kids

I have found that amidst the changes there were ways I could make our home comfortable, no matter where we were. Routines, special things we do as a family, even certain household items remain the same—bedspreads, tablecloths, pictures, and plaques get put out or hung up time and time again whenever we move. I hope that the familiarity of routines and favorite things will help remind my family that though life changes, God remains the same.

I’m so thankful that God gave me my kids and my home as my first mission field, even as we’ve come here to serve the people of Indonesia and share Christ with them.

For the word of the Lord is right and true;
He is faithful in all He does
.”  —Psalm 33:4


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