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Back in 2008, both my husband and I felt God calling us out of our current careers and into overseas missions work. When we put the pieces together and realized God was calling us into mission aviation, and specifically to MAF, I was a bit confused as to how God would use me overseas. I am not a pilot. I am not a mechanic. I am not a teacher. I’m not even a mother, which is where many pilot’s spouses focus their ministry efforts while living overseas. However, that did not change the fact that I knew God was individually calling me to this journey. I admit I still struggle with this as we live and serve in Mozambique. My job description is far less defined than my previous career in the states and it will never be as specific as my pilot/mechanic/IT-guy husband. Instead, I have to trust God to reveal to me how I can help with the work that MAF is doing in Northern Mozambique and be open to the opportunities that He presents.

Jill at work at the MAF Mozambique office.

Right now I work at the hangar several days a week doing accounting. I like how it helps me stay connected with our staff, the work that MAF does, and the customers we fly. On occasion, at our local church, I am asked to share during the sermon time. I have made it a priority to be available to share God’s Word when given the opportunity. Likewise, God has allowed me to use my passion for martial arts. There are not very many extracurricular activities for kids here and I have been able to organize Taekwondo classes for expat kids, and Mozambican kids, as well as self-defense classes for women and girls. The challenge for me is to not place too much emphasis on what my job title is, but to focus on what God is doing and see how I can join Him.


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