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Overwhelmed and Optimistic

MAF President and CEO, John Boyd, and Barb Bowman go over last-minute details of today's 25-year celebration of MAF in Haiti.
Returning to Haiti for the first time since the earthquake two years ago, it was like deja vu. In Port-au-Prince, so many physical structures look the same as when I was here last, yet I noticed some changes — small changes — but changes nonetheless. And in the midst of overwhelming challenges, the optimism of the Haitian people seems stronger than ever.

This morning as I took a flight to visit some of our ministry partners that we serve in the city of Pignon, I was able to see many of the things I couldn’t see first hand when I served in Haiti as a pilot some 13 years ago. Due to our busy schedules as pilots, we rarely had extra time before we were off on the next flight.

MAF 25 year celebration ceremony in Haiti
But today, I had that opportunity to see in person the incredible work some of our partners are doing. From Caleb and Debbie Lucien’s College de la Grace that educates 1,100 students to Haiti Outreach and the way it is providing innovative solutions for water delivery in small cities and rural areas, it was encouraging to hear how MAF’s flights to Pignon are helping make a difference in the lives of so many Haitians.

As we celebrate 25 years in Haiti, it’s amazing to think about the place this nation of resilient people have come from. And after being here to witness it for myself, I’m even more excited about what God wants for MAF in Haiti for the next 25.


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