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This is the second guest post in a series by MAF volunteer Natalya. If you missed the first one, you can catch it here.

The MAF program in Mozambique primarily flies a team of doctors and nurses, MozMed, to remote villages for weeklong clinics; that is, up until MozMed’s vehicle accident temporarily put a halt to their visits. We arrived during this lull in steady mission flying. The pilots shared how when they don’t have missionary or medical flights, they schedule various commercial flights. Naturally, the pilots prefer doing medical and mission flights, as that’s where their passion lies. But in one of our discussions with the program director, Dave LePoidevin, he put things in perspective and shared what it means to be a missionary pilot in Nampula, Mozambique.

Dave LePoidevin preps a patient prior to a medevac flight.
Dave LePoidevin preps for a medevac flight.

Dave has a heart for medical ministry in Mozambique, especially because it is such a powerful tool against the superstitions and animistic beliefs that many tribes adhere to. Diseases brought on by poor diet, bad drinking water, or unhygienic practices are thought to be caused by a curse or a demon. The sufferer invokes the aid of the village witch doctor, who is powerless to provide any real relief. Bringing in a medical team to a remote area means people have access to medicine, health education, and healing—all in the name of Jesus Christ! The power of the witch doctors diminishes, as does preventable diseases and unclean habits, and the Gospel is shared.

During this lull in medical flying, Dave said that he’s come to realize that as a missionary in Nampula, his life is his best ministry. How he treats his family, his neighbors, those working under him, the corrupt traffic police who pulls him over to ask for a bribe, the military personnel in the nearby compound who ask to use the printer, the night guard who comes every evening to his house—if he loves them and is an example of Christ in his everyday life, he is being faithful to his calling. That insight can be applied to the lives of every believer. May we strive to be faithful with whatever the Lord has set before us.


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