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I started to panic when my deadline for this blog came up and I didn’t feel like anything “blog-worthy” had happened. I hadn’t discovered some great truth that I could neatly tie up in a bow—as if I had learned some deep lesson. I was so distressed that I even contemplated, for a brief moment, finding some ministry to participate in for a day so that I could write about it. Sad, I know.

Suzanne Lincoln and her children sword fightingThe truth is, most of my days (and yours, I imagine) are more mundane and less blog-worthy. Somehow filling up cyberspace with descriptions of hanging my laundry while a blue-headed lizard stares down at me through the razor wire hardly seems exotic. Annie Dillard said, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” This was disturbing to me at first, because I didn’t really want my life to be spent washing dishes, pasteurizing my own milk, or folding underwear. But the more I think about it, the more the mundane can be used as an offering—a pleasing aroma to the One I came to the back-side-of-nowhere to serve. My life isn’t all prayer letter material; in fact, most of it isn’t. And I’m starting to be okay with that.

Even though my mundane day-to-day––straining bees out of the honey, breaking up the tenth fight before breakfast, sword fighting or reading stories––may not be blog-worthy, when it’s tackled with grace and faithfulness, it is noteworthy to God. And that’s what matters, anyway.


Sebuah Warisan Pelayanan

Kilas balik 50 tahun MAF di Kalimantan Utara Pada tahun 1971, pilot MAF Dave Hoisington menerbangkan delegasi konferensi gereja dari Papua, Indonesia, ke pangkalan MAF

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